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5 Expert Tips For Fly Fishing   by Paul Watson

Fly fishing is more than just about catching fish. Its appeal is aesthetic and lies more in learning how to master a fun, and rewarding skill. Fly fishing is one of those experiences that are hard to put into words; but as many fishers already know, once you try it out, there is no going back. The beauty of it is that you can do it almost anywhere; a pond, lake, river, or even the ocean. What’s more, fly fishing is a great recreational activity for unwinding and peacefully experiencing nature. According to one expert, fly fishing is a great recreational activity for the contemplative individual who seeks stimulating challenges, and opportunities to perfect new skills.

One of the most memorable fly fishing moments you will ever have is catching your first big fish. The awesome feeling of accomplishment and success will blow you away. Below are five expert tips to help you manage the feat.

1. Location

Knowing how to choose a good fishing spot is the holy grail of fly fishing. Otherwise, you will spend your afternoon getting a sun tan with nothing to show for it. If you are fishing in warm water (e.g. ponds and lakes), you are more likely to catch sunfish, bluegill, and crappie which like hiding in shallow waters. Therefore, you should cast your line in shallow waters.

If fishing in cold waters, you are more likely to catch trout which like hiding under waterholes, boulders, under the currents and shoreline structures. If you happen to be fishing in salty water, most saltwater fish move with the tides; therefore, knowing the tide changes increases your chances of success.

2. Good Fishing Gear

Go for the best telescoping fishing rod to increase your chances of success. It is frustrating to catch your first big fish, and then fail to bring it in because of a faulty fishing rod! The best telescoping rod thus here should be made of quality materials that can handle heavy fish. It should be durable since you will not be going to fish every other day.


3. Research

Research is more important in fly fishing than having the best telescoping fishing rod; especially so, if you are primarily interested in catching fish rather than fishing experience in itself. If somebody wants to poison you, he/she would have more chances of success by using your favorite food. The same goes for fish. A simple search online can give you helpful data concerning the types of fish in the waters you will be fishing in, and their favorite foods. Therefore, it becomes easier to capture fish since your fly resembles foods that attract the fish most.

4. Presentation

You can get everything right, but if your presentation is poor, you will not catch anything. Your fly must first of all be lifelike, it must be natural looking and convincing or the fish will not take the bait. There are many ways of tying flies which you can perfect over time. Online videos can be a very helpful in teaching how to tie various natural looking flies that maximize chances of success.

5. Stealth

Fish are very sensitive to sudden movements, and vibrations. Nature equipped them with such sensitivity to give them a fighting chance against predators. You, therefore, have to avoid sudden movements and clumsiness. Always switch off the engine of your vessel and wait for a while before casting your fishing rod. Otherwise, you might choose a great fishing spot, only to scare all the fish away.

Below are some other helpful tops;

· Always clean your fly after managing to catch fish. Examine the fly often to make sure the wings are in place and tackle is in good condition.

· Removing the barbs on your hook makes it easier to extract the hook from the fish you catch.

· Polarized glasses can help you see into the water better.

· Avoid line management challenges by casting nearby.

In conclusion, always remember that fly fishing is more about the experience than anything else. Do not solely focus on catching fish and forget to enjoy the experience. Often, you will have dry spells; do not get frustrated and give up because of a few barren trips. Happy fishing!


Author Bio

My name’s Paul Watson. Let me ask you some questions: Are you interested in hunting animals? And if yes, are you good at this and have you go any special secrets to perform this well? Yeah, no matter what your answer is, providing that you are a hunting lover (like me), this Blog is really for you. Here  will provide you with a number of helpful knowledge in animal hunting & fishing, from what animals to hunt to how to hunt them with the best result. Are you ready to start?





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