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Differences Between a Private Charter and Open Boat Charter


Mattanza Fishing and Hunting Charters in Stuart, Florida is one of the more unique charter boats on the East Coast using an approach more typical of a West Coast tuna charter. All charter boats must be United States Coast Guard inspected and approved and all captains that are running these vessels must be licensed by the US Coast Guard. The Mattanza difference is that they are licensed to carry up to eleven paying passengers instead of the standard six anglers which are often called six pack charters. More anglers means less expensive.


Since Mattanza is able to have more anglers than the competition they are not tied down with the same pricing structures. Most charter boats charge a fixed rate for the boat for the entire day's fishing. That rate for these private charters might be anywhere from $1100 to $2000 depending on the boat's size, distance traveled, and overall expenses. In order to charter one of these private trips most chartering groups will try to have the maximum of six anglers in order to spread out the expenses as much as possible. Mattanza is able to take up to eleven anglers which is almost double the amount needed on other private charters and it means that the price per person is only about half the standard per fisherman for a private charter.


If you have a large group Mattanza makes the perfect charter boat to have a business outing where your employees can get away from the office to bond and discuss important strategies in a relaxed and refreshing outdoor atmosphere. Even if you don't have the full eleven anglers you are still able to have a private charter with eight anglers for example and the rate is less per angler than the standard six pack charter. Mattanza gives you the flexibility to have a group size designed around your own convenience.

Mattanza also specializes in open boat charters offered several times a week. An open boat bottom fishing charter means that individual anglers (up to eleven) can go to their website and sign up individually for either an AM or PM charter at a single person rate. Anglers can even pay with PayPal before they arrive for their charter.


Because of the number of anglers, open boat charters are usually done bottom fishing or drift fishing catching species like mahi, cobia, triggerfish, amberjack, snapper and grouper. Visit Mattanza's Facebook page to view pictures of the great catches they produce every day.

Mattanza is an associate member of the Walk-On Sportfishing team. Open boat charters in some areas are referred to as walk-on charters. In NC this type of charter is called a makeup charter. Sharky's Tackle and Charters in Duck, North Carolina specializes in putting individual anglers together on Outer Banks makeup charters  


Editor's Note: Capt. Mike Murray has been around offshore fishing his entire life and has even won the Billfish Foundation's Pacific Ocean Angler of the Year. Mike has a well earned reputation of finding fish for his charters as well as providing exciting and entertaining charter adventures. Mattanza is a 39' Key West running out of Pirate's Cove Resort and Marina in Stuart, FL. Mattanza Charters also runs an 18' Liberty Flats Boat for inshore and river fishing as well as a Lake Okeechobee duck hunting guide service. No vacation in Florida would be complete without joining Capt. Mike Murray on an outdoor fishing adventure!    




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