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The Experience of Spearfishing          By Hannah Richards

Fast becoming one of the most popular extreme watersports, spearfishing is an adrenaline-pumping experience that leaves you out of breath and buzzing. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, the sport requires a great deal of physical and mental strength as well as an ocean-load of determination. But when you make a catch, love for the sport floods forward to create a buzz thatís truly euphoric.

If you can handle the plunge and youíre eager to put yourself to the test, then you can enjoy an experience thatís nothing like youíve ever felt before. Check out these five benefits of giving the sport a go.

1.    Catch Fresh Fish

Of course, the biggest benefit of going spearfishing is making a yummy catch. Sure, the supermarkets sell some pretty scrumptious fresh fish and you can get it even fresher at your local fishmonger. But with spearfishing you can cut out the middle-man, catch your favorite and get it straight in the oven for a hearty meal. Can fish get any fresher than that?

Whether you fancy a juicy seabass, a lovely-looking lobster or a yellowtail, you choose it and you enjoy your reward.

2.    Exercise

Diving down deep and hunting the waters for fish all makes for great exercise. In fact, the strength required and the energy you use to keep your body warm translates into 100s of burnt calories. And this is besides the training you have to put in to keep fit between sessions. Spearfishing truly is a super way to stay active and healthy.

3.    Meditation

When youíre underwater itís just you, the wide, wet open and the fish. With no distractions and hardly any sound, the experience is a wonderful form of meditation. Holding the breath helps to focus the mind and improves the efficiency of the lungs by training them to take in and use more oxygen. Spearos must control their breathing and take a deep breath before the dive and when they emerge, every breath of recovery stimulates a wonderful whole-body feeling of rejuvenation.

While youíre underwater, youíre also completely focused on the present moment. You are attentive to both your body and your surroundings, making the sport an excellent way to improve the focus of your mind.

4.    A Primal Experience

Spearfishing taps into the deep, primal human urge to hunt for food. Being underwater, choosing your favorite fish and making the catch right in front of your eyes is a rush on a completely different level to sitting up top with a rod. You are both immersed in nature and completely in tune with your human nature.

5.    The Feeling of Flying

Itís too bad that we humans arenít equipped with wings to fly but spearfishing can offer the next best thing. As you sink lower beneath the surface, gravity takes its hold and allows you to glide effortlessly throughout the watery realms. The feeling is utterly exhilarating Ė a sensation of flying in slow-motion.



Hannah is a passionate blogger who has written extensively on the topics of spearfishing and freediving across the web. Hannah writes on behalf of, a spearfishing and freediving equipment store.





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