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Spawn to Post Spawn - Where Did the Largemouth Bass Go?     by Tripp Mckay

guarding the bed.  

Is it post spawn and you are having trouble finding the Bass? After the spawn Bass can be finicky and hard to find as they head towards there summer home. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you find them during this difficult time of year.

When the water temp reaches the mid 60ís the Bass are moving into the shallows to spawn. The smaller males are building beds in the shallows along grass lines, gravel shorelines and rocky, sandy or gravel flats. Finding a shallow area with a hard bottom and cover are key. Bass will not bed on mushy , soft, muddy bottom areas. While the males are hard at work the females are cruising the flats policing the perimeter of the nest for would be predators.

Once the bed is ready the females move in and lay there eggs. Bass can be difficult to catch during this time as they are not eating so sight fishing is important this time of year. The goal is to see the Bass on the beds in this shallow water and get a bait in there nest that mimics a predator that will eat there eggs. Craws, Jigs and Lizards are best for this. When the water temp reaches the 70ís the spawn is over and they start the post spawn.

After the spawn the females start moving to there summer home in deeper water. While the males stay with the fry for 7 to 10 days protecting them. Bass usually follow the same migration path back out to deeper water as they used coming in but they are eating sporadically during the next 2 weeks so they are hard to find and catch.


Since the females move first then the males later the word scattered comes to mind. the Bass are scattered all over the lake during this time so they are hard to find. They are also very lethargic. They hardly move and eat so you have to get the bait right in front of them which makes them hard to catch. The good thing is this only last about 2 weeks then they are at there summer spot and you can start your usual summer routine.


Bass Close Up


Editorís Note: Tripp Mckay is an avid Bass angler of 25 plus years. He has guided lakes and fished tournaments all over the United States. His goal is to pass on his knowledge of Bass fishing in hopes to help them put more fish in the live wells.





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