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Musky Fishing Pennsylvania Waters             By Michael Harvan

Only a handful of Northeastern Lakes in PA ever produce large muskies compared to the more famous Canadian Waters. Here are a few lakes that I can personally recommend based on my previous fishing results there.

  Nice PA musky!


Beltzville Lake located 35 NW of Allentown is a relatively narrow but a long lake, with shallows and deep sections. The Muskie Bite over the years has dropped somewhat, and this may be due to high-pressure fishing for bass and stripers. My experiences here provided me with some interesting facts. The first being, the muskies were highly predatory, cruising the shoreline, looking for an easy meal. They would feed heavily, then go deep, returning three days later, again locating small to medium size prey fish, such as bluegills and perch. Casting hard baits proved unproductive, only a few in the low 30 inch class taken. Minnows, shiners and large night crawlers worked the best. On occasion hard baits that looked similar to shiners and perch caught fish. The Muskie fishermen state, that there are fish over 60 inches, my biggest was 42 inches 26lbs, taken late in the year. Perch pattern hard baits, one used was what is called a Countdown lure, and for every second you count it drops one foot in depth. If the waters you are fishing have Trout and Perch, these would be a good choice to use. Bucktail Spinners are excellent tools when casting or trolling at moderate speeds, sometimes they can be tipped with a minnow, for scent, along with additional attraction. Tackle used should be stout and 6” 6” or better. Line weight may vary depending on conditions, but don’t spare expenses here, for you may hook a true trophy class fish!

  Pocono Lake,  unfortunately has been drained, was Brady’s Pond. My biggest catch there was a 44” 30lb fish, caught with a natural shiner, double rigged, taken from the backwaters of the same lake. The condition of the water, which was tannic, this dictated natural bait to be used, due to minimal visibility, it was almost black.  Trolling slow generally brought fish in the boat, on a good day several fish ranging from 20 plus inches to fish in the 30 plus inch class would be taken. Anyone who had ever fished Brady’s returned frequently, black crappie and perch had abounded.
  Lake Nockamixon (East of Quakertown) produced the biggest muskie I ever hooked at over 64” was caught trolling two crawlers lengthwise. Do a web search for boating regulations and launch areas.
  Lake Wallenpaupack offers some interesting shoreline and deep waters to try your hand at, two launch sites available, one at Ledgedale the other at Wilsonville,
The fish of 10,000 casts can be caught, if you study their habits and haunts, be prepared and have a BIG NET.

 Musky LuresMusky Lures


Editors Note: Author and avid angler Michael Harvan sent this article along to help and inspire fishing interest among our younger generation and other handicapped adults.





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