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Does Over Fishing Threaten Sport Fishing Charters?             By Gavin Black


Fish populations the world over are depleting at an alarmingrate. The greatest fish in the sea, such as the mighty blue marlin, swordfish and bluefin tuna are severely depleted and threatened. Even the great white shark is in danger of disappearing from our oceans.

Many fish like the goliath grouper are not to be caught and if so are not even permitted to be taken out of the water long enough for a picture. Halibut, cod, monkfish and even snapper are among the most affected species.


The fact is, many species of fish that are good for food are being depleted. Many types of grouper are in trouble, mutton snapper was fished almost out of existence, red snapper are still highly protected.

If we hope to save the commercial fishing industries and our precious sport fishing charters then we must do something to solve this problem. Not only do sport fishing charters feel the effects of over-fishing, the commercial fishing industry is finding it more difficult on a continual basis to catch the numbers of fish they seem to need.

Thankfully, organizations and governmental agencies are getting the message. The European Union, the most influential commercial fishing organization in the world recently announced its intention to pursue a complete rewrite of the Common Fisheries Policy which should help a great deal in curbing overfishing. This is an organization who's sole purpose is to promote commercial fishing. They are propitiating that over-fishing must be curbed in an effort to save their industry.

The Folrida Institute of Saltwater Heritage is actively trying to save fishing.   In Sarasota, Florida a small organization of private citizens, the Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage, took it upon themselves to purchase 95 acres of land for a fish preserve. Every year they hold a fishing festival in Bradenton, Florida to support that endeavor.

The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Association (NOAA) is a government agency dedicated to the preservation of fish populations (among other things). They designated a reef area just south of Key West as the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary where fishing is strictly

Other endeavors including fish sanctuaries around the globe are making a difference. Fish populations are bouncing back and fish are growing larger as well. For example, Key West fishing charter captains who take anglers to the reefs have been complaining about catching large numbers of big red snapper and having to release them due to governmental restrictions.



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