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Planning Your Families Deep Sea Fishing Charter         By Kevin Pagan

Beautiful sailfish.  

Going on an offshore deep sea fishing trip with your family can be a memorable experience. Deep sea fishing can be a fun filled activity that offers families a lot to do and enjoy. Spending time with your family and loved ones with nature at hand can be a beyond words experience all together. However, there are few things you should always keep in mind when planning to go deep sea fishing with your family.

You should take into consideration the age of your entire family members for example; if you have small kids or infants along with you, you can’t really fully enjoy your deep sea fishing trip. So it’s better to have a more realistic look at your family’s abilities and age.


Nice catch of mahi.  

Again, if you plan to hire the services of a charter fishing boat it would play a considerably important factor. This is for the simple reason that most of the boat companies have set age limits of the people it takes onboard.  In general, the minimum age limit is eight years. All such kind of age limits are set by the charter fishing companies to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Another very vitally important consideration is the amount of time you want to spend in water. Mostly, it is advised that as an inexperienced fisherman you should take up only a half a day trip. This would ensure that your deep sea fishing trip is not very taxing for you and also that it turns out to be a pleasurable trip for your whole family. However, the lifelong and expert anglers might even prefer to take up an overnight trip.  But again, no matter what is the duration of the trip you choose, you should regard your family’s physical comfort as the top most priority. Since, with tired family members the overall enjoyment of the trip would surely be affected.  Also, kids and older members of your family would take time in adjusting to the temporary boat life.

Tarpon release.  

The distance of the target fishing location from your home is also something you must take note of while deciding on your deep sea fishing trip with your family. When you contact a charter fishing company you might want to discuss on this and explore your options.  Also the kind of amenities and provision they would provide for, when on the boat would also differ. If your home is far away from the fishing point then you must go for “all inclusive” packages. Such packages supply you with everything that might be required or are useful for you on the trip. But remember that all such all inclusive packages will come at a price.


In most cases the charter boat companies would require you to carry all personal essentials with you. These may include hats, sunglasses, clothing, sun block, medications for motion sickness and any other important item.  One thing that you must carry with yourself is same jacket as it is colder when you’re on water than on the shore. Thus it is vital to be well covered and be layered properly. Charter fishing can be fun when you take the proper precautions and make the proper considerations.


Editor's Note: This article was written and submitted by Kevin Pagan on behalf of Fish Jumanji Miami Sportfishing Charters fishing out of Miami, FL. Tourists on the Outer Banks of North Carolina should consider a professional Outer Banks inshore makeup charter or a mid range intermediate makeup charter.





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