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Why Use Polarized Wraparound Sunglasses and Goggles For Fishing?      By Jerry Cole

Polarized sunglasses can be both stylish and functional for the fisherman.  

Several years ago wrap around sunglasses took the recreational sports world by storm. Recently I was trying to remember when and where I saw my first pair of these sleek looking sunglasses. It was possibly on the rider of a Harley Davidson motorcycle or maybe it was the driver at a Nascar race. These free thinking guys may have been the earliest to realize all the advantages of wrap around style sunglasses. Another of the earliest wearers of wrap designed sunglasses that I personally noticed would be the Olympic runners in both long distance and sprint running events.


When I first saw these new sunglasses I felt that they looked sleek and fast but soon I realized that their look was secondary to their function. Wrap around sunglasses offer the wearer the opportunity to have better coverage and protection against the sun’s UV rays but  they will also block foreign material like dust and pollen from wrapping around the glasses and into the eyes. In a unique way, wrap around sunglasses will almost act as goggles and sunglasses simultaneously.  

Ever since their introduction boaters and fishermen have used wraparound polarized sunglasses to reduce reflected glare from the water surrounding them. Since then many others who spend time outdoors have discovered the benefits of polarized lenses. The popularity of polarized wraparound styles has since soared. Besides boaters and fishermen, other outdoor enthusiasts who benefit greatly from polarized sunglasses include motorcyclists, bicycle cyclists, golfers, skiers and joggers all enjoying a clearer and more protected view with the virtual elimination of glare being an added bonus. Polarized wraparound sunglasses can also be used for driving and will dramatically reduce glare from a long, flat surface such as the hood of the car or a shiny road's surface.   

Nascar drivers and their teams made the look of wrap around sunglasses even more popular when they began accepting sunglass manufacturers as sponsors. Oakley, Bolle, Ocean Waves, Maui Jim, SOS and others found a willing audience among Nascar fans following the example of a favorite driver. These Nascar fans soon found that the benefits of their polarized wrap around sunglasses even outweighed the looks.

Glass Lenses: Quality sunglasses come in a wide variety of lens materials. Remember that the larger frames and glass lenses can also cause them to be much heavier and slip down your nose. Heavier sunglasses are not going to be very functional to anyone other then someone wearing them in high speed situations where the wind might remove an ill fitting pair that is extremely light. Optical clarity is an advantage for owning glass lenses. However buyers should carefully consider the weight factor before ordering any glass lens models. If you are considering glass lenses, always look for a manufacturer’s designs that have a government ANZI rating for shatter protection. Another important thing to check out in the manufacture of a polarized glass lens is whether the polarizing laminate is sandwiched between the glass lens as opposed to being layered on top.


Polycarbonite Lenses: If you find that heavier lenses tend to slip down your nose during outdoor activities you might want to consider a good quality sunglass model with poly lenses. Poly lenses have 3 times the shatter strength of glass while actually being only half as heavy. Carbolite lenses are a great example of the best impact protection available in a light weight 100% protection lens.

Always look at the rubber nose and temple grip anti-slide technology that is used on any popular fishing model polarized fishing sunglasses. Fishermen spend a lot of time in direct sunlight and it can be very annoying to have to push your glasses back in place after every cast. Optician's Choice specializes in rating and providing top quality styles of sunglasses and goggles for motorcycle, golf, cycling, jogging, snowboarding, skiing, and more at prices the average person can afford. 

  SOS offers several inexpensive high quality models of polarized sunglasses.
SOS offers several inexpensive high quality models of polarized sunglasses.SOS offers several inexpensive high quality models of polarized sunglasses.

OK, you found a great looking pair of wraparound sunglasses but you are not sure what the reason is for you to spring for the better quality polarized lenses over the less expensive non-polarized models. It’s all in the performance. Look at the before and after shots below this article. Can you really afford to be at a disadvantage of not being able to see everything possible when you are participating in your outdoor sports? If you just want an excuse, then not having good polarized glasses would be a good one. But most people participating in driving, golf, fishing, cycling, motorcycle riding, snowboarding, mountain biking, running, jogging, ATV, flight (aviator) or any other outdoor activity realize that it’s not very smart to put themselves at that disadvantage.

Lens Colors: Lens color is another consideration that shouldn’t be left to “style” and “esthetics.”  Choose the lens color that best fits your chosen outdoor activity. Dark lenses like green and deep blue tend to cut the available light passing to the eye. This can diminish detail but it may be necessary in the brightest afternoon sunlight. Copper and bronze lenses can actually brighten the vision while filtering UV rays and make a great choice for morning, evening and vision from shade into sunlight like driving. 

What are the drawbacks to polarized wraparound sunglasses? Yes, there are a few. A good fitting pair of wraparound sunglasses tend to seal the area around your eyes. They also can trap your body heat around your eyes. In cold situations tight fitting wrap arounds will fog up faster and take longer to acclimate to the surrounding temperatures.   

Choosing a quality manufacturer is going to mean paying a bit more to get a good quality product that has been specifically designed to do the very best job for the wearer and not be the least expensive. In short, buying cheap isn’t a good idea unless you want to have sub-par vision in your sport. Buying the most expensive may not be a good idea either because most likely you are paying more for the name or esthetics then you are paying for the best quality.

Shop carefully and look for an online sunglass dealer that specializes in selling sunglasses that have been designed specifically for your sport.


Non-polarized View


Non-glare polarized view

Glare with non-polarized sunglasses


           With polarized amber lenses





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