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Pro Team Power Listings are a Google approved method of supercharging your website in the search engines. We encourage any website owner with a legitimate fishing related website to take advantage of our free listings in our quality fishing directory but if you want to see your efforts take off let us set up a power listing and watch it take off. Most plans run only $25. Us the "Contact Us" form to request more information.

If you would like to hear more additional ways of promoting your website with effective "white hat" optimizing plans please contact us and we would be glad to devise a program centered around getting your website and social media networks working more effectively for your business.  

Here are just a few of the things that can be combined into one powerful package. We offer many more optimizing programs with a proven record of getting your website more traffic and better search listings.      


Blitz Listing


Your listing in the Fishing Blitz category appears as a website thumbnail image with text near the top of the page. Your Blitz listing is linked to a special unique Pro Team page on the Fishing Blitz linking to a custom Pro Team page with information and pictures from your website targeting your most critical key word phrase.


Unique Pro Team Page


Your individual unique Pro Team page will be content and image rich. It will be linked back to your website, Facebook page, and Google+ page plus it will include a specific unique targeted phrase. Click on the page image on the left to see a sample.


Fishing Blitz Facebook Page


We will create an image and text link post on our Fishing Blitz Facebook page linking back to your website, Facebook page and G+ page.  Click on the image to see how we place multiple link from Facebook to your business links.


Fishing Blitz Google + Page


The Fishing Blitz will add an image and text post linking back to your website from our Fishing Blitz Google + page.


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Directory of Fishing Related Websites

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