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An important way to help your website's Google popularity is to create valuable relevant links using keywords that help your website's SEO. Google looks highly on this type of linking because it is a natural means of displaying information that some people want to read. The best way to accomplish this natural link is by writing an original article and sharing your fishing knowledge and experience with your fellow anglers. Your fellow anglers are anxious to read what you have to say. This is great way for you to pass along fishing tips, tactics, locations, observations, and many other items that you would like to to speak out about. Not an author? No problem, we'll be glad to edit your fishing article and add your pictures or even help find some additional appropriate pictures and add them to it.



Articles absolutely must be entirely original and pass a check before we can publish it.
Articles must be fishing related in some way! If you are not sure, ask before submitting it.
Articles should be submitted as an MS Word  (.doc or .docx) attachment with at least two or more pictures related to the article.
Articles must be at least 6 paragraphs long. We will proofread the article and make changes as long as it isn't too far off target and require an extreme amount of editing for spelling and punctuation.
You can write in a unique style but please do not use profanity or write an article criticizing anyone personally.
Articles pertaining to political issues or political viewpoints must have fishing as the main topic and articles dealing with government wildlife and resources agencies and managements are acceptable if they are not flames..
Please use this form to let us know you would like to submit an article and pictures. We will send you an email address to submit the material to as an attachment.
Submitted articles become the property of this website and will remain online at our discretion.
 If you have any problems submitting your article send an email through the contact form and we will help. Publishing article is currently free as long as they follow the guideline above.

You can add your keyword link to a bio which appears under the article or you can add it to a text phrase within the article itself. Note: Please only use one text link for each article.



Use this form to let us know you would like to submit an article. We will send you an email with our email address to submit your article and pictures as attachments.

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