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North Carolina Fishing Charter Websites


Hatteras, NC Sport Fishing Charter Boats

Bluefin Fishing Charters



Bluefin Sportfishing - We would like to invite anglers to experience the ultimate thrill of an affordable family friendly Cape Hatteras fishing charter on Bluefin with Capt. Chuck Parker.


Big Tahuna Sportfishing Charters



Big Tahuna Charters (article) North Carolina fishing doesn't get any better then offshore fishing in some of the most productive waters in the world off Hatteras, North Carolina aboard The Big Tahuna.


Sea Angel II Sportfishing Charters



Sea Angel Fishing Charters (article) - You are invited to join Capt. Bruce Armstrong aboard Sea Angel II for a North Carolina Outer Banks dream offshore sport fishing experience catching marlin, tuna, wahoo and dolphin.

  Boat NameBoat Name Captain Marina
Sea Angel II Capt. Bruce Armstrong Hatteras Landing Marina
Reliance Capt. John Canning Oden's Dock
Stormy Petrel II Capt. Brian Patteson Hatteras Landing Marina
Drum Chaser Capt. Randy Fagley

Hatteras Landing Marina

Fin Fantasy II Capt. Ricky Jones Hatteras Landing Marina
Sea Dream Fishing Charters Capt. Charlie Fletwood Hatteras Landing Marina
Big Tahuna Sportfishing Capt. Buddy Foster Camp Tahuna Resort - Hatteras
Bluefin Charters Capt. Chuck Parker Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Thumper Capt. Brian Taylor Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Legasea Capt. Randy Turner Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Big Easy Capt. Cliff Parker Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Marlin Mania Capt. Jim Bowman Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Swordfish Capt. Jim Ashley Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Nancy K Capt. E.J. Scarborough Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Carolina Girl Capt. Derek Taylor Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Harpers Folley Capt. Tom Harper Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Sea Bear Capt. Eddie Skakle Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Twin Bills Capt. Willie Foster Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Runaway Capt. Jay Daniels Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Got Em Capt. Jerry Teel Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Speck-Tackler Capt. Rick Scarborough Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Hallelujah Capt. Doug Martin Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Elizabeth Grace Capt. Scott Caldwell Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Hatterascal Capt. Tommy Merrill Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Longer Days Sportfishing Capt. Tom Randall Teach's Lair Marina - Hatteras
Big Eye Capt. Donnie Smith Hatteras Harbor Marina
Gambler Capt. Steve Garrett Hatteras Harbor Marina
Hatteras Blue Capt. Mike Warren Hatteras Harbor Marina
Native Son Capt. DM Gray Hatteras Harbor Marina
Sea Creature Capt. Steve Coulter Hatteras Harbor Marina
Godspeed Capt. David Wilson Hatteras Harbor Marina
Hatteras Fever II Capt. Buddy Hooper Hatteras Harbor Marina
Sundown Capt. Terry Metts Hatteras Harbor Marina
Good Times Capt. Andy Hatteras Harbor Marina
Lucky Chip Capt. Neff Matthews Hatteras Harbor Marina
Release Capt. Rom Whittacker Hatteras Harbor Marina
Tuna Duck Capt. Dan Rooks Hatteras Harbor Marina
Bite Me Capt. Jay Kavanagh Hatteras Harbor Marina
Citation Capt. Eric Holmes Hatteras Harbor Marina

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