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Welcome to The Fishing Blitz. We are an open online "human edited" directory of fishing related websites. We would like to invite you to add your website's listing to our index of charters, lodges, guides, tournaments, sponsors, forums, manufacturers, professional anglers, marinas, clubs, dealers, tackle shops and anything else that is related to the vast world of fishing.

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Let's face it, the entire reason for a fishing directory website like this one is to help businesses get citations (aka links) to there websites from a relevant fishing related source. A text style citation from anywhere on the web carries some small amount of "juice" which is enhanced if it is from a strong fishing relevant source. The reason we now charge a small amount ($5) for placing a standard text link is to help cover the time it takes to install it and also maintain this directory. A text listing, which in a way is just a small advertisement for your website, looks like this one:

  • Your Website's Name - You can use this sentence to tell a little about your website using key words and key phrases to help show what your website is all about. Note, a really well thought out sentence or two goes a long ways in the strength of a text listing.

Click the button to fill out our form and have your text listing added to this directory. After you submit the form you will be transfered to PayPal. Listings on this directory are permanent as long as your website domain continues to stay online. You will not have to renew your listing. We do check periodically to be sure listings are still active or have not been redirected to a non-fishing webpage. Yes I know, who does that? Believe it or not I find a lot of redirected domains when I check them.

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Boats in marina.

Teach's Lair Marina


Book a fishing charter or shop for gear, bait, snacks, drinks and clothing at our marina store in Hatteras, NC.

Would you like to stand out in your category? Not everyone needs much more than a simple text listing but if you want your listing to be noticed quickly please allow us to design a Premier Listing ($20) for your business. This option offers both a listing in the directory as well as an attractive introduction to announce your business. We just need your website's URL and we'll design the perfect Premier Listing for you. This option allows you to choose some effective keyword phrases in your description and submit a high res image or you can elect for us to do all this for you. This listing is permanent in the directory as long as your website remains active. You will never be asked to renew the listing. Note a Premier listing also includes a second text style listing.

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Professional Services

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The purpose of listing your website in a directory is to create a small message to Google suggesting, "Hey I'm over here, please notice me." Your link isn't much but several of these strategically placed throughout the web will definitely help get you a better placement into the search index.

Professional SEO experts know that getting mentioned on websites that are strong in a specific topic will help boost your website's authority level within that topic. A linked keyword phrase from a major heavy hitter like for example Saltwater Sportsman Magazine's website referencing your website has a tremendous amount of clout shoving your website into an authoritative position. Imagine an article in a major online magazine with a mention of how effective your product was in a recent tournament. Now link it to your website and you have something that's even stronger than an advertisement!

It's also nearly impossible to achieve this perfect link. However professionals know that there are many fishing related websites with their own clout that will allow you to write your own article. Consider a "how to" article or write all about a specific lake or a brand new fishing technique. The point is that this is a topic relevant fishing article that is being published on a fishing authority website and it contains a strong authority link back to your own website! Professionals call that top quality white hat search engine optimization.

You say your not interested in tying up the time and effort it would take to create an article. We would be glad to create a high quality professional fishing article and post it on this website with a strong keyword phrase that is linked back to your website. Let's say you are a professional guide and your specialty is walleye fishing on Lake Erie. We can create an excellent how to article with the words "best Lake Erie walleye guide" linked directly to your website. Our price to write and publish an article like this for you is only $100.

Besides writting and posting articles we also offer editing and posting of your own original fishing related articles. Here are a few other website building and SEO services we offer:

  •    Create an attractive new fishing article with pictures and key word phrase link back. ($100)
  •    Edit and post your original fishing article with pictures and key word phrase link back. ($50 - $100)
  •    Create an attractive new fishing website in html5 Google/mobile friendly responsive code. ($800 - $1500)
  •    Redesign your existing website with the latest html5 Google/mobile friendly responsive code. ($500 - $800)
  •    Audit your website and then make twenty solid targeted suggestions on how to improve the SEO of your site. ($25)
  •    Host and manage your existing website on our servers. (No WP or CMS websites please) ($150 yr.)
  •    Contact us to tell us about your project for an estimate.

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