Cape Hatteras Fishing Charters

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Cape Hatteras has long been one of the world's most famous offshore sportfishing destinations. Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina the Atlantic Gulf Stream swings closest to the Cape Hatteras coast of any port north of Miami Florida. The Gulf Stream affects the weather, water temperatures and of course the fishing.

Many forms of marine life as well as pelagic species of fish use the meandering Gulf Stream like a highway within the ocean. The fish migrate north along the Gulf Stream as the seasons warm and then back south along the Gulf Stream to warmer winter waters as the seasons cool down. The only way to actually describe the Gulf Stream is by calling it a moving river located within an ocean. The average speed of the Gulf Stream is approximately 4 mph but it slows to about 1 mph when it gets north and widens before making its swing towards Northern Europe.

Predator pelagic species of fish like mahi, tunas, wahoo, sailfish, blue and white marlin follow the smaller fish along this highway feeding on them as they are seeking their best tolerated water temperatures. Since the surrounding ocean water is often outside the tolerant range both predator and their prey are almost trapped by their environments. Fishermen that learn to read the Gulf Stream and then apply it to the habits of the species they want to catch are always going to be the most successful.

Cape Hatteras offshore charters have been studying and applying their tactics for years and they have gotten exceptionally good at it. Many of the USCG licensed local charter boat captains have been chartering for 30 years or more. They have mastered the art and glamour of offshore sportfishing and so have captains all up and down the East Coast so what makes Cape Hatteras so different?

The secret is that the Gulf Stream flows close to Hatteras before it starts to swing away after it passes the Point at Cape Shoals. Fishing out of Oregon Inlet located only 20 miles north of Hatteras entails a 30 mile boat ride to even get close to the Gulf Stream waters. So potential anglers can ride 20 miles further in their car, charter out of Hatteras and be fishing with 1/3 less boat ride time. That equals less boat ride time, less fuel use, more fishing time and even a less expensive charter price for an opportunity to catch a higher concentration of fish!

If you are considering an offshore charter fishing trip as a part of your "bucket list" think about all the advantages Cape Hatteras offers before you make a final decision! The Cape offers many highly experienced awesome charter boats both large and small. Most charter boats are licensed to take out no more than a maximum of six anglers. On Hatteras boat that specializes in private Hatteras charters for large groups is Stormy Petrel II with a capacity up to 20 anglers.

One long established Cape Hatteras Charter boat is Sea Angel II with local legend Capt. Bruce Armstrong and his son Bruce Jr. The pair seem to always be on the fish and have developed a sixth sense when it comes to traversing the ever shifting Hatteras Inlet.


Longer Days Sportfishing


Specializing in Cape Hatteras ofshore fishing charters.

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Bluefin Sportfishing Charters


Affordable Cape Hatteras offshore and near shore charters.

Charter Boats Captain Marina
Sea Angel II Capt. Bruce Armstrong Hatteras Landing Marina
Stormy Petrel II Capt. Brian Patteson Hatteras Landing Marina
Sea Dream Capt. Charles Fleetwood Hatteras Landing Marina
Drum Chaser Capt. Randy Fagley Hatteras Landing Marina
Fin Fantasy II Capt. Ricky Jones Hatteras Landing Marina
Bill Me Capt. Mike Oleksyn Hatteras Landing Marina
Under Pressure Capt. JT Barker Hatteras Landing Marina

Charter Boats Captain Marina
Big Tahuna Capt. Jay Watson Teachs Lair Marina
Harpers Folly Capt. Tom Harper Teachs Lair Marina
Longer Days Capt. Tom Randall Teachs Lair Marina
Runaway Capt. Jay Daniels Teachs Lair Marina
Hallelujah Capt. Doug Martin Teachs Lair Marina
Bluefin Capt. Paul Volland Teachs Lair Marina
Hatterascal Capt. Tommy Merrill Teachs Lair Marina
Carolina Girl Capt. Brian Taylor Teachs Lair Marina
Bak Bar Capt. Will Smith Teachs Lair Marina
Marlin Mania Capt. Jim Bowman Teachs Lair Marina
Rabid Tuna Capt. Rex Bunting Teachs Lair Marina
Twin Bills Capt. Willie Foster Teachs Lair Marina
Got Em Capt. Jerry Teel Teachs Lair Marina

Charter Boats Captain Marina
Bite Me Capt. Jay Kavanagh Hatteras Harbor Marina
Calypso Capt. Jeremy Hicks Hatteras Harbor Marina
Carolina Girl Capt. Jessie Anderson Hatteras Harbor Marina
Chaser Capt. Jeremy Johnson Hatteras Harbor Marina
Gambler Capt. Steve Garrett Hatteras Harbor Marina
Good Times Capt.Andy Piland Hatteras Harbor Marina
Hatteras Blue Capt. Mike Warren Hatteras Harbor Marina
Hatteras Fever II Capt. Buddy Hooper Hatteras Harbor Marina
Native Son Capt. Barry Peele Jr. Hatteras Harbor Marina
Predator Capt. Chris Barnett Hatteras Harbor Marina
Release Capt. Rom Whitaker Hatteras Harbor Marina
Reliance Capt. John Canning Hatteras Harbor Marina
Sea Creature Capt. Steve Coulter Hatteras Harbor Marina
Sundown Capt. Terry Metts Hatteras Harbor Marina
Tuna Duck Capt. Dan Rooks Hatteras Harbor Marina